Painted Doll: An Only In Tokyo Mystery, Jonelle Patrick

Painted Doll

Painted Doll
An Only In Tokyo Mystery
By Jonelle Patrick
Published by Bancroft & Greene, Publishers LLC
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Tokyo Detective Kenji Nakamura's mother died ten years ago, but when his phone rings with the news that her death wasn't an accident, his world begins to unravel. New evidence links her to a young woman, whose body was found dolled up like a movie star and tossed in the gutter like an abandoned plaything. With the help of part-time English translator Yumi Hata, Kenji begins to piece together what really happened the night his mother died. But the closer he gets to discovering who killed the Painted Doll, the more he fears that the truth will destroy all that's left of his fractured family.

paperback | 978-0997570939 | December 6, 2016