The Duel for Consuelo, Claudia H Long

The Duel for Consuelo

The Duel for Consuelo
By Claudia H. Long
Published by Five Directions Press
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A heart-stopping story of love and betrayal in the time of the Inquisition. Consuelo, beautiful healer, is trapped by her family's history of conversion at the point of a sword. Born to a Crypto-Jewish mother, raised as a Christian, and bound to her family's traditions, Consuelo struggles with her loyalties and the pull of the Enlightenment. She sees the possibilities of love and fulfillment, but when her mother's secret is discovered she is forced to put her love and her very life at risk to save her mother. This story brings the struggle to life and showcases the beauty, terror, courage and sacrifice that honor and family demand in the final decades of the ruthless scourge of the Inquisition.

paperback | 9781947044043 | July 2, 2017